Frequently Asked Questions
Most frequent questions and answers

Using DeepCosts

I used DeepCosts for the same house type twice and got different results. Why?

DeepCost’s results are based on scope, grade of construction, size of building and location. So even when a building has the same cost, other factors like grade, size and location can significantly change the outcome

How many estimates can I make ?

You can make as many estimates as you want. For different house types, construction types, and locations. There is no limit to the number of times you can use DeepCost.

A Professional Quote?

Can I use it in place of a professional quote?

DeepCost quotes are meant to guide you and give you more information about your project. It gives you in an instant an idea of what the building would cost you, and helps you make quick high level decisions. It is however not intended to replace a quote from a building professional.

My professional’s quote is quite different from this. Why?

DeepCost has an impressive level of accuracy. However, professionals may have different rates per area of work depending on their level of experience. You may try out different grades available in DeepCost to have an understanding of your professional’s rate grade. Also, considering our local environment’s preference for negotiation and bargaining, professionals may come up with higher initial costs so that when it is negotiated down by you, it still falls within their workable budget.

Accuracy Concerns?

Are the prices quoted current?

The rates used for generating our quotes are currently reviewed every 2 weeks. Where there are sharp changes in specific materials during the 2 weeks period, we change the rate for that specific material instantly.

How accurate are the figures?

Our figures are based on parametric and spatial analysis. We analyzed volumes of building members and apply them to current rates. There may be variations for designs that are quite irregular. However, If you notice and particular sharp difference or any error, kindly bring it to our notice. 

Use of Data?

What do you do with my data

Your data is kept secured in our system. In line with GDPR you can remove your data at any time. We do not share your data with 3rd party and we have taken adequate measures to ensure our data cannot be accessed without authorization

Can I access other people’s data

We do not share your personal data or that of other’s with a third party. However, we do analyze the data to find out trends in home construction, insights into home features people like, most desired location and more. We share these trends, insights and unique preferences with existing users and our partners.